Setting up a JNDI resource for Postgres in Glassfish v3 on a Mac along with a Grails DataSource.groovy

I found the following couple of blog posts useful here:

You may like this blog post of mine too if you want to set up Postgres on a Mac.

A few months ago, I had all sorts of pain trying to decipher the correct download for Glassfish. What with Prelude, Preview etc, muddying the waters. I posted a thread in the forums. Be sure to go here for the downloads and select The EE edition will give you a world of headaches if you want to develop with Grails….

This is the directory you place your Postgres Jar.

These are the steps necessary to setup and deploy the petclinic app, that comes with part of Grails (at least it did on the Git source download for Grails 1.2…)

My Glassfish aliases (like shortcuts to ‘bat’ files for you Windows guys)

grails war
gfu petclinic-0.1
gfd petclinic-0.1.war

Here’s how I set up my datasources.groovy:


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