Just had a read through Getting Started with Grails 2nd edition.

Posted by Scott Davis & Jason Rudolph

I spotted a few little things I’d have done differently:

  1. Discuss closures in more depth early on for those coming from a Java background.
  2. Would check for existence of records in bootstrap before adding. Otherwise every time you add to a database that isn’t an in-memory version you’ll append same record.
  3. Implies delete will work via URL formatted like a GET, but by default Grails uses POST for security reasons.
  4. Also mentions hibernate is the only default (core) plug-in. I think webflow has been there for quite a while, and as of 1.2? tomcat is a default now – and the book pertains to be for the 1.2 release.

But on the whole an entertaining read. It’s at a similar level of detail to Dave Klein’s Pragmatic series book. Enjoyed it.

Picked up a couple of new tips:

  1. Calling custom tags inside each other
  2. Useful templating tips. – the ones you install not the GSP kind, to customise the way code gets generated.

Jogged my memory about some MySQL commands, since I’ve been using Postgres a lot more of late.

Also there was a good discussion high level overview of the various security plug-ins.

Wasn’t sure about discussion on Filters:

  • Mentioned you only use REGEX type selection to list allowed/denied actions of the format “(create|save|edit)”. I’ve seen it done this way in Grails in Action.
  • But I’ve also tried it as a comma separated list on Grails was either forgiving of me, or it allows this way too now.

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